The Czech Association of Independent Theatre is an open organisation consisting of theatre subjects, production houses and individual artists based all over the Czech Republic that are not primarily state-funded institutions.

The principal tasks of the Association are to support the unique character of the independent theatre sector, to establish contact with public administration and to act as an umbrella for communication between the member theatres. Therefore, the Association contributes to the transparency of the sector and improves the conditions for the artistic activities of independent theatres.

The Czech Association of Independent Theatre was founded on 26 May 2016 in the Vila Štvanice theatre in Prague. The initiators of its creation were Lenka Havlíková, Šárka Pavelková, Štěpán Kubišta, Kristián Kubák, and Jakub Vedral.

Divadlo La putyka -představení Isole (foto archiv La putiky)
Theatre Cirk La Putyka – performance Isole
(photo archive Cirk La Putyka)

The main goals of the Association are:

  • to defend the interest of its members and to unify the communication towards the general public;
  • to support and promote the sector, to communicate with public administration on all levels, and to participate in the development of cultural policy;
  • to establish systematic solutions for multi-source funding and functioning of legislative processes, to increase the transparency of grant and selection committees and their conception which are closely related to the transparency of grant systems and competitions for existing buildings;
  • to strengthen the links between culture and education as well as between culture and business;
  • to support networking and cooperation between theatres all over the Czech Republic, to communicate and cooperate with professional organizations not only on the national level, but also all around Europe.

Why become a member of the Association?

There’s strength in numbers. During its existence, the Czech Association of Independent Theatre has become a respected representant of the independent performing arts sector both on the national and international level. We represent our members during the negotiations with public administration.

We take care of networking on the national as well as international level. We help our members to deal with their current issues and we also try to solve the problems that trouble the whole sector.

Theatre Jedefrau – performance Faust
(@ photo Martin Špelda)

How to become a member?

Any natural person or legal person that is part of the professional independent theatre sector and that meets the requirements defined in the articles of our association can become the member of the Association.

Those who are interested in becoming members need to first fill out the application form. The application will be discussed at the next Council of the Association and the applicant will be informed about the final decision by e-mail. The applicant becomes the member of the Association on the day when the Council approves his membership application.

The amount of the membership fee is based on the turnover of the organisation in the previous financial year. The membership fees are paid once a year and are due in March. If the applicant’s membership is approved in the middle of the year, the member shall pay a proportional fee.

Who are current members?

You can view the list of members here including their logos and links to their websites.

Contact us for further info

Adéla Hromasová
PR Manager
email: adela@andcr.cz
tel: 00420 777 901 654

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